MONTHLY BUZZ The Space Age Closer Than We Think

Sep 24,2020 | 12:00 PM

Online, Online, Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia, 2015

“You use space technology every day. Map navigation, paywave technology, weather forecasts, fire monitoring… Space technology allows us to understand how to use resources on earth more efficiently”— Gilmour Adam of Gilmour Space


As exciting as space is, many may feel it is far removed to our lives and work here on Planet Earth. But this a common misconception and one we are partnering with Moonshot to put to rest.


The reality? Space goes beyond rockets and satellites to span all industries, current and emerging. Many technologies already in existence need only be space-enabled, instead of invented from scratch.


But where to begin? How should entrepreneurs today be thinking about their own technologies and possible applications for space? What are leaders in space technologies seeing as priority areas?


We'll be sitting down with a stellar lineup of panelists to find out.





Sally Ann Williams, CEO at Cicada Innovations